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Elegant yet economical wedding Clergy Service in Memphis & the Mid-South Area

Chuck Thompson
Your Wedding Professional in Memphis, TN since 1988
Phone: (901) 643.1559

Hey, this is the WeddingMeister and I would love to talk with you about your wedding.
Since 1988 I have been a professional wedding planner and service provider;
for 8 of those years operating a full-service, one-stop operation, even to include the venue.
We sold that business years ago, and narrowed our business to officiating services.
Without the big overhead to cover, this means that now, you can have 30+ years of experience,
(about 1500 weddings), and you don't have to pay for a fancy office and excessive advertising costs.

"Elegant yet Economical" is my motto!

Send me an email or call for an appointment.
There's no charge for this appointment at all.

This is an area that many people have difficulty with. Often, their church cannot
accommodate their needs for a variety of reasons or maybe they are not member of a church.
If you are a Christian, I can help you with this. I will not ask personal questions or
much of your life's history, however, I do perform a Christian ceremony.

I have been told that my ceremony is unique and creates an interesting story culminating in the
spiritual union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.

You don't have to pay a lot of money. I charge $200.00. Let's talk about your wedding!

Email me: or call me at (901) 643.1559
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